Ignalina Mikas Petrauskas Music School

Ignalina Music School was founded in 1964. 58 students started learning to play the piano and the accordion.
History and departaments:

  • Piano and accordion department (founded 1964).
  • Woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone); Brass (trumpet) department (founded 1969).
  • Flute class (founded 2008).
  • Birbyne class (Lithuanian woodwind folk instrument, founded 2010).
  • String instrument departament (violin class, founded 1979).
  • Guitar class (founded 1982).
  • Kankles (Lithuanian stringed instrument, founded 1994).
  • Choir singing class (founded 1993).

In 1985 Ignalina Music School opened a piano department in Didziasalis.
Ignalina Music School offers primary, basic and expanded musical education.
Having completed 7 grades and passed final examinations, students receive a Certificate of Graduation.
Since 1964 the school has had 51 graduations – 886 school leavers have been introduced to professional music.
This year 167 students are attending Ignalina M. Petrauskas Music School and its department in Didžiasalis. In the following units – piano, accordion, string instruments, wind instruments, music theory – our students can develop their skills.The staff consists of 19 professional teachers who teach to play the piano, the violin, the accordion, kanklės (Lithuanian stringed instrument), birbynė (Lithuanian woodwind instrument), the classical guitar, the saxophone, the flute, the clarinet, the contrabass and the percussion.
All students can learn choir and solo singing, play musical instruments in various music groups (accordion orchestra, string ensemble, brass band, folk music band ’’Nendrelė”). Our students have lessons on a principal and second study instrument. They also study solfeggio and the history of music.
School music groups (brass group, accordion orchestra, folk music band “Nendrelė”) take part in educative and cultural activities both in Ignalina District and the country as well as in contests, festivals and National Song Festival.
The main aims of our school are to help students to express their personality, to develop their abilities, and to introduce the students to the world of music. In order to achieve these aims our school participates in public life of Ignalina and Lithuania. Also, we organize concerts for the community of the school and take part in national and international contests and festivals. What is more, we cooperate with social partners to cultivate musical sophistication of the community by inviting famous Lithuanian and foreign musicians.

School traditions:

  • The beginning of the school year – concert – September 1 st.
  • Music Day – concert – October 1 st.
  • Advent music concert – December.
  • Christmas Music Festival – December.
  • Sounds of spring – concert – March.
  • Ensemble Parade – concert – April.
  • We compose music – contest – April.
  • Mother’s Day concert – May.
  • Open School Week and concerts in Ignalina schools – May.
  • Composers anniversary celebrations – concerts.
  • Concerts in various music and secondary schools.
  • The Festival of young artists from Utena region „Aukstaitijos viltys“.
  • The best students’ trip to Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre – January.